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New Work: Jaws For Charity

Here we are, the big reveal...my submission for Hero Complex Gallery's newest exhibition "Smile, You Son Of A Bitch: An Art Tribute."Click on image to buy! $25.00 US - 18" x 24" on Somerset VelvetIn an earlier post, I had mentioned I was working with more traditional hand drawn illustration. I am talking actually putting pencil to paper. Yep, old school. This Jaws print represents my first attempt at taking the actual pencil sketches and incorporating them into my final design. The first step was to take the sketches and scan them in using my new Canon LiDE 210. The 210 is a nice little flatbed scanner that plugs right into your computer and is powered by the USB connector. I use a scanning resolution of about 600 dpi to get all the pencil details.

I did a little clean up and made some minor touch ups in Photoshop. Then, I took each of the sketches into Illustrator to add the final coloring. The final step was to take the base colors, which are vector, back into Photoshop and reunite them with the cleaned up sketches. I used a Blending Mode of Linear Burn in Photoshop to allow the sketches to bleed into the vector color blocks I created in Illustrator. This had the effect of making the illustrations really feel hand drawn. A little texturing and adding text made the piece complete.A look at my actual pencil sketches for each actor.I am very excited by the quality of the final prints, which I printed on Epson Somerset Fine Art Velvet at 18" x 24." This print will be available as a very limited edition of 20 that are all signed and numbered by me. They will be available online at Hero Complex Gallery starting Saturday, November 2nd. A portion of each sale is going to PangeaSeed.org, an organization that works with various artists, scientists, and environmental groups to help raise awareness of the conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine species currently in peril. On Saturday you will also be able see on HeroComplexGallery.com all the other artist's entries, which I can guarantee is going to be amazing.

So, check out the art work and help a good cause!


Blurppy And Me: Interview

Recently, I had the great fortune of being interviewed by Don Thompson of Blurppy.com. He is also the mastermind and coordinator of the Poster Posse, a group of select artists who dabble in the dark art of Alternate or "Fan" movie posters. I participated in Poster Posse #3, which called for artist to design a poster around this summer's Pacific Rim.My Submission for Poster Posse #3, Pacific Rim

Don is a west coast guy who I happened to have the opportunity to meet in person at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It was great to see the interview come together and drop on Labor Day. If you haven't had an opportuity to check it out, click here!

Many thanks to Don for putting this together.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation - 2013

Man oh man, been awhile since I have posted to the blog. The process of moving out of one house and into another is a crazy thing. Especially when you spend 3 weeks in a hotel transitioning between houses. On the upside, I will be moving into a larger home office space, which I am very excited about. I will post a few shots as the room comes together. 

Despite being without my main desktop computer for over a month, I have still been active on a few cool projects. I thought it might me nice to give a little update on how I have been spending my summer.

For those not familiar with the website Blurrpy.com, it is the place to go for all things pop culture. One of the especially cool things about Blurrpy is that the editor, a gentlemen by the name Don, has put together a “Poster Posse.” He picks a new release film and invites a select group of artists to submit an alternate movie poster for that film. I am one of the newest Posse members coming on board with a poster for Warner Bros’ latest summer tent pole flick, Pacific Rim.Click on image to see my exclusive poster for Pacific Rim on Blurrpy.com.

I am very excited to be included amongst some really incredible artists including some of my personal favorites Matt Ferguson, Doaly, and Sharm Murugiah. This is the third convening of the Poster Posse with previous posters for World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness. I recommend going over to Blurrpy.com and checking out the previous Posse’s work.

I have a few pieces of exciting news related to design competition results. I tried my hand earlier in the year at book cover design for a contest run by Maclehose Press. They had a call for book cover redesigns and I submitted two covers from five possible book choices all published under Maclehose. My first design was for Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s Heaven and Hell.

I wanted to depict the inherent duality of Heaven and Hell, so I chose to design the cover around the idea that you could flip it upside down. The story opens with a death at sea and I thought an image of men battling a tempest like a story from the bible made for an interesting background image. The text that comprises the title was hand drawn. I then scanned the drawing and built the vectors right on top in Illustrator.I have been playing with hand drawn type that I use as a foundation for building my vectors.

My second cover was for Robert Saviano’s Beauty and The Inferno. This cover was selected as a finalist, which was recently announced at the Bookseller Design Seminar on the South Bank, London. Beauty and The Inferno is a biography of Robert Saviano and his life after exposing the Neapolitan Mafia in his previous book Gomorrah. I thought the representation of a slow burning wick, like dynamite, which ends in an explosion was an interesting way of depicting his current living conditions, in fear of a Mafia reprisal. Never knowing when they might get revenge on him for the details in his previous book.The design elements that make up Beauty's cover are also hand drawn and then scanned.

I will hear if my cover for Beauty made the final selection in September. I have more big news that I am awaiting final details on before making an announcement. It is a fun piece of news that I am really excited about and look forward to sharing. I am also checking off a bucket list item by attending San Diego Comic Con this year. I have no idea what to expect other then I am really looking forward to the energy from being around all my fellow nerds. I also hope to be bringing back a lot of original art to hang in my new office space.

If I survive the Con, look for a few more exciting posts about things coming down the pipe in the near future.