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Blurppy And Me: Interview

Recently, I had the great fortune of being interviewed by Don Thompson of Blurppy.com. He is also the mastermind and coordinator of the Poster Posse, a group of select artists who dabble in the dark art of Alternate or "Fan" movie posters. I participated in Poster Posse #3, which called for artist to design a poster around this summer's Pacific Rim.My Submission for Poster Posse #3, Pacific Rim

Don is a west coast guy who I happened to have the opportunity to meet in person at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It was great to see the interview come together and drop on Labor Day. If you haven't had an opportuity to check it out, click here!

Many thanks to Don for putting this together.


Inspiration: The Pixel Painter

Part of being an artist is staying inspired. Without inspiration, it can be very difficult to make something from nothing. There is always the fear of the blank page or blank computer screen. The latter probably being more appropriate for this day and age.

My little secret is that I love video shorts about creative topics. I often hunt Youtube or Vimeo for inspiring videos about the art of creation. I think of it as creative fuel. Recently I came across a video that made me stop and think, "Will I be creative even when I am in my 90s?"

Hal Lasko was a graphic artist/typographer as a young man and found that even in his 90s he still has a creative story to tell. Thanks to his grandson Ryan Lasko, who introduced him to Microsoft Paint, Hal is creating 8-Bit masterpieces at the young age of 98. As Hal will tell you he is even creating some of these fantastic paintings with his eyes closed. Thanks to Ryan for documenting his grandfather's story and showing the world his amazing art in this video, titled The Pixel Painter. I can only hope to have half the spirit Hal, or maybe I should say Grandpa, does when I reach his age.

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.


Teaser: Elysium

I am very excited to have a new alternate movie poster design commissioned by Shortlist.com go live today. This particular poster is for Neill Blomkamp's latest sci-fi adventure, Elysium. My goal for this design was to go crazy with details and to layer several elements from the movie into the final composition. Here is the teaser:Click on the image to visit Shortlist.com and see the entire final poster design.I encourage you to head on over to Shortlist.com and see my complete design as well as the pieces from all the other amazing contributing artists.