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Teaser: 47 Ronin On Blurppy.com

Over the next two weeks you will see some interesting new work from me. To kick it off, I am teasing an alternate movie poster for the Keanu Reeves flick, 47 Ronin releasing in December. This particular poster is for Blurppy.com as part of Poster Posse #4.

I have discussed being a member of the Poster Posse here before, but just to refresh your memory, it is a group of high level artists brought together by Don Thompson of Blurppy to create amazing posters for new release movies. That almost sounds like the plot for Avengers, if the Avengers were comprised of amazing artists.

For 47 Ronin, I continued using the wide format style that you saw in my Gravity poster for Shortlist.com. I am referring to it as the "IMAX Cinematic" style. Basically, I am working at 12" x 36" which is a standard wide format frame size.Click on image to see the complete design on Blurppy.com

I have also been heavily experimenting with hand drawn illustration rather than relying on the pen tool in Illustrator. You will see some of that experimentation in my 47 Ronin poster. All the vines that make up the background and title text are hand drawn using a Wacom Tablet. I get even more crazy with hand drawn details in my next print that will be for Hero Complex Gallery's tribute to Jaws in November. More on that to come.

Check out Phase 2 of Blurppy's 47 Ronin poster project here to see my alternate movie poster in its entirety as well as see the other fantastic Posse member submissions. You can also see all the great submissions for Phase 1 of the 47 Ronin project that launched yesterday, here.

Cheers, Ben.


Teaser: Gravity On Shortlist.com

I have new work to be featured on Shortlist.com! I am very happy to tease a new poster design for Alfonso Curron's Gravity. This is one fall movie I am very excited to see. Reviews seem overwhelmingly positive and describe it as a visually stunning thriller where Earth plays the villain. Very intriguing.

I really wanted my interpretation to feature Earth in an interesting way and to match the epic wide expanses of that you see in the trailer. That is why this is a special wide format poster. Head on over to Shortlist to see my final poster design as well as the contribution by the other great artists.

Click on image to see the complete design on Shortlist.comGravity released in the US on October 4th. I for one, will be getting in line to see it.


Fall Update

Yep, I blinked and it is already fall. Honestly, this year has been pretty surreal. I have only been able to post a fraction of what I had hoped, but that is only because of the crazy momentum through the year with new and interesting projects coming from all directions. A good problem to have.

Following my inclusion in Communication Arts Magazine's Illustration Annual this year, I recently found out I will have two pieces featured in Print Magazine's yearly Regional Design Annual, my poster work from A Lion Named Roar and Wes Anderson's film Moonrise Kingdom. I will be representing my home state of Kentucky for the southern design region and I am both honored and very excited. The issue should be available on newsstands in December.

Throw on top of that the fact I just found out that I won MacLehose Press' Book Cover Design Competition for Roberto Saviano's autobiographical tale, Beauty And The Inferno, and I can say it has been an insane year. Cheers to the other cover winners as well as the overall Grand Prize winner, Coral McCloud, for her The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo cover.Winning design for MacLehose Press

So, what next? Well, very shortly I will have a new alternate poster design for Shortlist.com to follow on the heels of my design for this summer's Elysium. I should be revealing more about that in a about a week. I also have plans for more Poster Posse work through Blurppy.com. Also an October drop.My alternate movie poster for this summer's Elysium commissioned for Shortlist.com

A have a few more surprises in store as we move into October. The year ain't over yet! Look for more news from me shortly.

Cheers, Ben.