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Get Excited People, The Dark Knight Rises!

It's going to be a big week for me with the release of The Dark Knight Rises on Friday. While I worry about the potential for over hype given the success of Nolan's last outing with Batman, I am still very hopeful of a great summer theatrical experience with this latest flick.

Other then the Avengers, I thought this summer's movie going experience was a little flat. I do think Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom wins for best small film making a big splash among the typically glossy, studio tent pole movies. Overall, with the mishandling of John Carter and the mess that was Battleship, not much blew me away. I have yet to see Spiderman and while I have heard good things, something about this 4th outing with Marvel's favorite Wall-Crawler just doesn't have me racing to the theaters. 

That leaves Batman as the last hero of the summer. I have been under controlled excitement for a few months now. Even creating my own little homage to the Dark Knight with a retro-inspired movie poster back in February. 

As we approach the offical release date, I have been getting more and more giddy about seeing the film. The marketing has released just enough info to get me intrigued on how Nolan will end it all. Will Batman die? Is Robin showing up? I guess a few more days wait and we will all see.

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