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Shout Out: The Myth, The Man, The Legend...Olly Moss

It is looking like this week may become the week of shout outs. I have seriously come across some really exceptional work over the last couple of days. I had mentioned Dan Hipp's work earlier this week and low and behold Olly Moss drops a gallery show of amazing pop culture portrait silhouettes. Threadless put together this nice little video: 

The Olly Moss Art Show @ Gallery 1988 from Threadless.com on Vimeo.

I have been a fan of Mr. Moss' work since his Lost posters. I have a strong affection for minimal design work. The greatest challenge is creating something that is both clever and visually interesting with as few elements as possible. Few do it better then Moss.  I have to also throw out my favorite from what I have seen of the show online, as I am not lucky enough to attend, but tell me this isn't just so classic:

I wish I was this clever. If you are just discovering Olly's work then do yourself a favor and head on over to his site and check out his other work at ollymoss.com.

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